Protected Fitting Service

Get the perfect installation package!


Protected Fitting Service

Get the perfect installation package!

The new way to Protect your installation project

Getting your dream room installed is critical to making sure you get years of enjoyment out of your purchase. You could try the local paper to find a quality fitter or pay over inflated prices offered by retailers who promise an ‘in house’ installation service but still use self-employed contractors, then make up to 70% profit on your fitting price.

At House & Haven, we want you to have the best price possible for the job and still have the assurance of a highly experienced, quality fitter backed by an industry body. With payment to the installer that will only happen when your happy and covered by a 1-year insurance backed guarantee.

That is why we only recommend Protect My Install for any installation, they are the leading industry experts. They only use the professional and accredited kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom installation specialists in any installation that they provide, the installation service includes free online estimates, Trading Standards approved quotes detailing every aspect of the work, extensive customer reviews on each installer, payment options, and guaranteed workmanship as standard!

All their installers are members of The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation, guaranteeing you the best service from start to finish!

You're paying a lot of money for the products make sure it gets fitted right.

Accredited Installers

Protected installers are members of The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation.

FREE Online Estimates

Get an idea of costs online using the Protected online calculator.

Customer Reviews

Choose installers based on customer reviews. Ensure your installer has a proven track record.

FREE Home Survey

Your chosen installer will visit your home, conduct a pre-installation survey to assess the project inc. costs.

No hidden costs

Your survey will include a no-obligation written quotation with an itemised breakdown of what’s included.

Trading Standards

Protected installations come with a Trading Standards Approved Contract for service.

All Money is Protected

Your investment is secured within an eMoney account, Protected by an escrow agreement.

Payment Options

Pay into your Financial Conduct Authority Protected account using credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Dispute Resolution

If you’re unhappy with any element of the service, customers have access to dispute resolution guidance.

Workmanship Guarantee

Your installer provides a 6-Year workmanship guranatee, underwritten by a 1year insurance backed guarantee.

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