Our flat pack Jigsaw range offers you a brilliant kitchen at a low price, unlike our bespoke range of kitchens the Jigsaw range comes in set sizes with set door types to make your kitchen journey far less complicated. Our flatpack range is still broad in choice, with 4 set cabinet colours to choose from as well as 4 different doors in a wide range of colours. Once ordered our Jigsaw range will arrive to you in 3-5 working days giving you a speedy solution and a quality kitchen to match.

Cabinet Specifications

Cabinets are available in a multitude of sizes with four colour options. The main features and benefits of our cabinets are shown below.

Wall Units

Wall Unit
Shelf Position

Variable shelf position with metal studs for easy repositioning

Hanging Brackets

Concealed hanging brackets on
wall units


272mm internal depth to comfortably fit your dinner plates

PVC Edge

2mm PVC leading edging for high impact resistance

Base Units

Base Unit
18mm Back

Solid 18mm back panel on base units for added strength and rigidity

Adjustable Legs

150mm adjustable legs to compensate for uneven floors

Shelf Position Base

Variable shelf position with metal studs for easy repositioning

PVC Edge

2mm PVC leading edging for high impact resistance

Cabinet Colours

We have 4 colour choices meaning you can choose to co-ordinate or contrast with your door choice.


Dust Grey






Stone Grey



Cabinet Types

Cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen with multiple sizes and shapes now available to navigate around any room.


Bridging Unit

Creates storage and frees up wall space in a stylish fashion.


Wall Unit

Conventional wall units are 720mm high with variable shelf positions to suit what you choose to store in them.


Tall Wall Unit

Ideal for rooms with high ceilings, tall wall units provide extra storage capacity and a more bespoke aesthetic.


Base Unit

Conventional base units have lots of size options plus internal and external curves too for rounded & flowing design.


Tall Lader & Appliance Units

Make the most of ceiling heights with larder units or house appliances at a more ergonomically friendly height.


Extra Tall Lader & Appliance Units

The extra tall options are designed to co-ordinate with the tall wall units and achieve a streamlined look with additional storage.

Drawer Design

Drawers are an increasingly important part of the kitchen offering style and easy access. Jigsaw provides a multitude of sizes and configurations.

What drawer combination you choose might depend on how much space you’ve got available, what design you’re after, or what you want to store in them. For example…cutlery, utensils, pots and pans, plates and bowls, food, kitchen towels or cleaning products.


5 Shallow Drawers

Each drawer front is 140mm tall.


4 Shallow Drawers

Each drawer front is 175mm tall.


Drawer Line

Single 140mm drawer front and one 570mm door.

1 Shallow 2 Deep

1 Shallow + 2 Deep

One drawer front is 140mm and two are 283mm tall.

2 Deep Drawer

2 Deep

Both drawer fronts are 355mm tall.

Drawer Widths

Drawer Widths

Standard cabinets are 300-600mm and wide cabinets are 800-1000mm.

Available Kitchens

Our range of kitchen doors will compliment your cabinets perfectly, with 4 doors to choose from in a wide range of colours there is something for every taste


Lucente Gloss

Available In 6 Different Colours


Lucente Matt

Available In 6 Different Colours


Vivo Gloss

Available In 6 Different Colours


Vivo Matt

Available In 6 Different Colours